The belief in a child’s right to play is at the heart of our philosophy, our team of experienced practitioners are continuously providing new and challenging experiences, based on children’s interests in the moment.


Children are inspired by our environment which acts as a ‘third teacher.'

By introducing elements from Reggio Emilia and The Curiosity Approach, we provide a warm, calm, natural environment which enables children to access open-ended resources.

Invitations to play and introducing provocations extends play 'in the moment' creating opportunities to explore, problem solve, take risks and become deeply engaged in child directed play.

Outdoor learning is an important aspect of our approach. Children thrive outdoors it promotes wellbeing, physical and sensory development and an understanding of the world around us.

The outdoors presents new risks and challenges that children can negotiate and conquer and in turn develop their confidence and self-awareness.

Children have free flow access to the outdoor area for the majority of the day and in all weathers.


To support emotional wellbeing we use the Thrive approach to recognise emotions by attunement, validating feelings and supporting with self- regulation. We provide cosy, calm safe spaces for children to regulate along with visuals, puppets and books to talk about their feelings.

At St Mary’s, we do not have rigid plans and topics in place, we follow children’s current interests and build on their knowledge to deepen their thinking and move them on to their next steps of learning ‘in the moment’.

We have a holistic approach and by working in partnership with our parents we ensure that their child’s journey is a complete reflection of their experiences in their early years.

Our vision is for children to leave us ready for their journey into school, having reached their full potential to take them into the wider world