About the Committee

The Trustees of St Mary’s Nursery are volunteers who give their free time to help in the running of nursery.  Parental involvement is informal and voluntary but it is the lifeblood of our nursery and critical to its future – without a committee of trustees St Mary’s Nursery would not exist. The nursery is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) whereby the nursery has its own separate legal identity from the Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for fundraising and overseeing the nursery. A Trustees meeting is held each month with the Annual General Meeting held in the autumn term.

At St Mary’s Nursery, we are always eager to welcome new members, as new faces can offer a new perspective on things, and bring new ideas to the table, so if you have any suggestions for improving the nursery or if you have any thoughts on fundraising, please let us know.  If you would like to join the Committee, please speak to the nursery manager who will be pleased to give you more details.

Trustees Roles and Responsibilities

The Trustees follow the ‘Foundation Model Consitution’.  The maximum number of members we are allowed under this model is 10, including three officers (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer).

The Trustees help the nursery in promoting its charitable purposes, upholding its values and delivering its goals.  We work as a team in all matters to ensure the effective management and administration of the charity, in line with the charity’s governing document, policies, procedures and relevant legislation. As a governing body, the Trustees have a shared vision of what the organisation is about and what its end goals might be.

Our current Trustees are comprised of:

Rev Andrew Knowles, Chair


Paul Amphlett, Trustee


Lucy Clements, Treasurer


Jo Atkinson - Building & Health and Safety


Sue Dunn, Parent Link Trustee


Anne Mitchell, Trustee