“My son started coming to St. Mary’s Nursery almost a year ago as we wanted him to have social interaction with other children of his age and to build his confidence. At the start it took me about a month to make him settled, as he couldn’t stop crying. The staff was always very helpful and supportive.

My son is having speech delays, the nursery supported me and my son fully to start he process of Speech Therapy. The key worker helped my son starting his new words and I can see a big improvement in his speech and behaviour towards others. I don’t have enough words to thank them.

They also have supported me in my son’s potty training which is I think a big milestone.

We feel we have a very good relationship with staff at St Mary’s Nursery, they are very approachable and are very good at looking after the Mums when they need a bit of reassurance! The fact each child has a key person means that you feel one person has a good understanding of your child and I really appreciate the phone calls I’ve had when questions have need to be asked about my son, or to inform me if he is unwell.

The change in him has been amazing and the staff has been key to making him the happy, confident and sociable little boy he is today.  The Nursery staff have a genuine passion for children and are supportive and sensitive to their needs and development.”

“I’d like to thank everyone who works or did work at St Mary’s Nursery my daughter had a fantastic 3yrs there and enjoyed every minute spent there. Her learning and development has come along way and was pleased with the support with potty training when she was there . I’m looking forward to sending my son there in a few years.”

“My son has had a wonderful time while at the Nursery. Thank you so much to all the staff that have done a wonderful job with him during his time here”.

“A great environment, facilities and space”

“The Nursery has really helped with his speech, and he has come out of his shell.”

“Fantastic environment with caring and friendly staff”

“My daughters speech, words, listening skills etc have come a long way since she first started”

“My son was struggling socially and now no longer is”