Our vision at St Mary’s Nursery, Camberley is to provide an outstanding environment at the heart of the community, where children have the opportunities to develop and grow on life’s learning journey. 

As a charity, we rely on donations to help develop and create an amazing environment for our children.  If you wish to donate, please click on the GoFundMe link below


  • We provide a high quality standard of care and education delivered by our professional and qualified team.


  • We provide an inclusive setting, valuing equality, diversity and supporting children’s individual developmental needs.
  • We ensure that every child has the same right and opportunities to thrive, learn and discover through play


  • We hold the Christian ethos and values while respecting other faiths and traditions
  • We provide a safe, caring and enabling environment that inspires children to explore, investigate and be creative.


  • We empower parents/carers to be involved in the development of their child.