We had our OFSTED Inspection on 12th June 2018. The inspector acknowledges that since the last inspection on 12th March 2018, ‘the trustees and the Nursery manager have significantly improved evaluation, and raised the quality of children’s care and learning. They have acted on advice from the local authority and have developed robust sytems to ensure all safeguarding requirements are now met consistently’.

We are delighted to confirm that the outcome of our inspection has been rated as ‘Good’ in all areas.

Here a few of the highlights from our Ofsted Inspector:

  • Children are happy, settled and well behaved.
  • Children develop the skills they need for starting school.
  • Children who are learning English as an additional language reach a good standard of spoken English.
  • Staff know the children well and accurately assess and reduce gaps in their learning and development. Children make good progress.
  • The key person system is used effectively to meet children’s individual needs.

You can read the latest report  in full here